What a Consumer Can Do About a Defective Product

Woman Showing Product

When buying items at the market or shop, it can sometimes be hard to differentiate between a good product and a defective product. A product is good when it looks good and serves its purpose. If the product doesn’t work due to problems you can’t pinpoint, you can consider it as a faulty item. If you bought a defective product, here’s what you can do:

Ask for a Repair

Some items come with warranties that range from 6 months to 5 years. For such items, the law demands that the retailer complies with the terms and policies of the warranty in case there is a malfunction on the product. If the product you have is defective and within warranty, do not hesitate to take it to the retailer for repair.

Ask for a Replacement

Sometimes, the problem on the product is beyond repair. If this is the case, replacement is the next viable option. Remember that when a product is defective, you should not shell out extra cash to get it replaced.

Ask for a Refund

If you don’t want to have your defective product repaired or replaced with a brand new one, you can ask for a refund. If the seller refuses to refund a defective product, get in touch with a law firm.

Seeking a Lawyer for Assistance

If the product you purchase does not perform as advertised and causes personal injury, do not hesitate to reach out to a trusted NYC personal injury attorney. The lawyer can collect damages or a monetary award from a liable retailer or manufacturer.

Asking for a repair, replacement, or a refund are the three things you can do when you bought a defective product. If the faulty product caused injury, it is best to contact a reliable personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. When sold with a defective product, keep in mind that you can assert your rights as a consumer and demand for the product you deserve.