Understanding the Risks for Injuries on the Job Among Truck Drivers

truck driver

Truckers somewhat drive the economy in the United States. They deliver goods that manufacturers and consumers depend on. Drivers spend days on the road in solitude, and they are at a greater risk of injury than other workers who contribute to the economy. Based on studies, drivers become injured when they connect or disconnect trailers to the truck, or when they open shipping containers.

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Truck drivers at risk

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), thousands of personnel in the trucking industry suffer from injuries and even death. Another study reveals that one of every 20 injury that requires time off to recover is associated with a truck driver. When you drive a truck, it is important to realize what you are getting yourself into. You would be at risk for more non-fatal injuries than workers in any other occupation.

In the case of an injury, you will have no source of income and there will be thousands of dollars’ worth of medical bills to deal with. What will your family do when you are out of a job and in the hospital?

Pain in the workplace

We are not just talking about injuries you might sustain during a vehicular accident. Truck drivers spend long hours in the road and are more at risk for a road mishap. However, sitting for extended periods make drivers more prone to developing low back pain. With their hands constantly on the steering wheel, drivers often develop nerve compression disorders due to repetitive motions.

Truck drivers are also called upon to load and unload merchandise. Lifting heavy materials make strains and sprain more common. An unfortunate fall may lead to an injury and disability as well.

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