Out-Of-Court Methods of Reaching a Child Custody Agreement

scared child hugging her dad

In the event of a separation, getting an arrangement which works best for your child is essential. A legal or physical child custody agreement is hence an integral component of all separation proceedings. Most people think all child custody arrangements are worked out in front of a judge in a courtroom.

There are, however, different out-of-court arrangements a child custody attorney from Colorado Springs might help you reach. According to the Law Office of Gordon N. Shayne, a judge will approve the final agreement to make it legally binding.

Here are some of the methods of reaching a child custody arrangement without going to court.


This option is suitable for divorce cases where spouses do not want to face each other. In collaboration, the lawyers of both partners will reach a deal in the best interests of the children and their clients. Collaboration reaches a child custody agreement faster than other methods but is often a bit expensive.

Direct Discussion

This is the ideal option for couples who are in good speaking terms. In a direct discussion, you, your ex and your lawyers will deliberate and agree on the best custody option for both of you and your children. A direct discussion is a low cost and quick method, but it, unfortunately, works for very few couples.


This closely resembles collaboration but unlike the latter includes a mediator. The mediator works with both partners and their lawyers to reach an amicable agreement.

Nothing said or done by your mediator is binding until you and your partner sign the custody agreement and a court approves it. Mediation is generally costly since you need to pay the mediator in addition to your lawyers.

The above out-of-court option might seem easy, and you might be duped into thinking anyone can handle them. They, however, need a highly skilled lawyer to navigate efficiently. Anything less of a good attorney will leave you with an unfavorable child custody agreement.