Mistakes to Avoid During Your Child Custody Case

Adult and child holding a family model

Custody battles are usually time-consuming, emotionally draining and expensive. Being in court is hard enough, let alone the fact that you might be separated from your child soon. Besides, you would not want to make a mistake that would sabotage the entire case. Avoid these mistakes if you wish to gain an advantage:

Failing to Remit Child Support

If you are the one to remit child support, make sure that you abide by the rules. Pay the required amount religiously. In case you face a financial challenge that prevents you from paying up, ask a child custody attorney from Day Shell & Liljenquist, L.C. to file a motion in court right away and alert the judge about the situation. The court might reduce the support until you recover. If you fail to get the court’s approval, the other parent might ask the court to limit your custody or visitation rights.

Putting Your Needs Over Your Child’s

Your child is completely innocent. While you might want to use the kid’s innocence to your advantage, remember that doing so is not ideal. This is a critical time for your little ones. Thus, try as much as you can to understand what they are going through. If it helps, take them to a counselor.

Using Social Media

As long as the case is in court, stay off social media as much as you can until the matter is resolved. The attorney representing the other parent might use your social media accounts against you in court. For instance, a photo of you partying can be used to show irresponsible behavior.

If you are going through a child custody dispute, you might be hurt and confused. Consider hiring a lawyer to represent you. Also, make sure that you do not make the mistakes listed above.