Insurance Claims: Importance of Hiring an Insurance Attorney

An attorney discussing matters with his client

In case of fire, theft, or other calamity that can damage your home, you are likely to assume that your insurance will cover your losses and compensate you based on the agreement. However, insurance companies don’t always see it that way. While you want a maximum payout, your insurance provider will try to give you as little as possible.

If they can get away with not giving you anything, they probably will. C.W. Smith Law, P.A. reminds that you paid good money for that coverage, which is why you should fight for what you think you should receive. A professional insurance claim attorney in Orlando can help you get your insurance paid in full and on time.

Why Hire an Insurance Lawyer?

Most insurance companies employ claim adjusters, investigators, and lawyers in an effort to keep the settlement at a minimum or even deny claims. They may harass you and tell you lies just so you will agree with the settlement they are offering. Having a qualified lawyer present during negotiations will help ensure that your insurer does not take advantage of you in any way. Your lawyer will make sure that your rights are protected at all times and will negotiate on your behalf to get the best deal.

When Should You Hire an Insurance Lawyer?

Insurance companies easily reimburse insurance claims for minor issues, such as small repairs of your home. In cases like these, you can proceed without a lawyer present. For insurance claims that involve a large amount of damage, many issues, disputes, and bad faith practices start to arise. Negotiations can become ugly and when the insurance company sees that you are not familiar with the insurance law, they might take advantage of the situation. Hiring an insurance attorney will make sure that you don’t get swindled out of the settlement money you deserve.

The policy owner can handle minor issues without any lawyers involved, but if the issue is at a larger scale and you are not familiar with the laws, then hiring an insurance attorney is your best option. In addition, your lawyer should be knowledgeable in insurance laws and a seasoned pro when it comes to insurance claim negotiations.