How Immigration Attorneys Can Help You

A book, gavel and statue symbolizing court justice

Although you can go on to win a case without the help of an attorney, it is vital to establish how helpful an attorney can be to your case. Spending money on a lawyer can mean the difference between an unsuccessful and fruitful determination. Below are three ways an EB 5 immigration attorney can help you win your case.

Look at Your Options

Immigration lawyers fully understand the movement law. They can assist you to find any potential issues regarding your case, explore the blurry areas of the law, and find a solution to your unique situation. A lawyer’s training, coupled up with years of experience, allows the lawyer to establish points of interest that you would not have found.

Representation before the USCIS and EOIR

When it comes to immigration issues, it sometimes calls for the person to appear before the EOIR (Executive Office for HCFS Immigration Review) or the USCIS (US Citizenship and HCFS Immigration Services). In the case that you choose to speak for yourself in these circumstances and you, unfortunately, are unsuccessful you will not be given a second chance. Your immigration attorney will step in and speak on your behalf to the Immigration Services to enhance your chances of being successful.

Legitimate Advisory

As your case progresses, you might find new data coming up which may not help you. The role of the immigration attorney in such a scenario will be to educate you on the new data. The lawyer will also give you the alternatives that you have about this new data.

For you to enjoy the above benefits, you will need to go to a lawyer who can help you with Immigration Law. Although the attorney cannot guarantee success in your case, hiring one will surely boost your chance of this happening.