Domestic Violence: When to Shatter the Silence

Woman covering her face

Society generally hushes up all information on domestic abuse and violence. The victims are silent or silenced, and most of them believe it is their fault. So they bravely attempt to act as if nothing is wrong, and that everything is normal.

But it is not normal, and you can stop putting up a brave face. Here are things you should do if you are a victim of domestic violence.

Consult a lawyer

You can consider mental abuse and physical assault, along with any other form of ill-treatment by a partner or a parent, as domestic violence. A family law attorney here in Colorado Springs, CO will tell you this type of abuse happens in all kinds of relationships.

Consulting a lawyer will help you bring the perpetrator to justice. Many women have experienced violence at home from their spouses or partners at least once in their lifetime. Although women are believed to be the victims in most cases, there are some men too who suffer at the hands of their wives or girlfriends.

Factors counted as abuse

You can count physical and mental abuse as domestic violence. There are other instances of abuse that are more subtle and difficult to prove such as dominating another person’s life, marital rape, threatening and demeaning the other person, and the like. The signs of these kinds of abuse occur very gradually.

The story is almost the same in each case. In the beginning, everything will be great in the relationship. Then bouts of violence will begin slowly, and the perpetrator immediately apologizes and shows love profusely. Later, it becomes more frequent with apologetic partner gone.

Psychological damage

Victims of domestic violence and abuse also suffer psychological injuries, and their lives are shattered at the end of it. The episodes hurt their self-confidence and cause severe trauma, which sometimes even result in self-destruction and death.

Physically, the abuse leaves marks, bruises, black eyes and the like, but what is more dangerous is the psychological hurts, especially when children are the victims.

People should shine a light on issues of domestic violence. It is not something you hide in the dark because most of the time it is committed under cover of darkness. Consult a lawyer if you are a victim.