15 Reasons You Should Call an Attorney After a Car Crash

Driver suffering from a neck injury after a car crash

Many people never give “contacting a lawyer after an accident” a thought since such accidents are usually not serious and are rather simple. For example, the accident is minor and the at-fault party readily agrees that they are at fault. You probably don’t have to see a lawyer if they are willing to take responsibility for their actions and after all, no one was hurt.

Even if there are minor injuries (a scratch or a bruise), if the at-fault party shoulders the medical fees and the repair of your vehicle plus other expenses, you probably won’t have to hire a lawyer.

However, not everyone is fortunate enough to have that happen to them. Fortunate in the sense that they are not seriously hurt, the damage to the vehicle is mild, the other driver takes responsibility, and their insurer pays with hardly any question. There are still accidents that do require the presence of an attorney.

If your case is anything like the ones described in the list below, Feldman & Lee says that you should contact a car crash law firm as soon as possible.

  1. It’s unclear who was at fault, or both parties are at fault.
  2. You don’t know how to evaluate your insurance claim.
  3. The insurance adjuster is asking for medical records that have nothing to do with the recent crash.
  4. You think the insurance’s offer is not fair to you.
  5. The insurance is trying to avoid paying a lump sum.
  6. The insurance is trying to avoid paying at all.
  7. You don’t know the first thing about negotiating the right settlement.
  8. You are sure the accident has led to lost wages, but don’t know how to prove it. This is particularly possible with freelancers, consultants, and others who may not have regular jobs or who have their own small business.
  9. The accident has affected not only you but people depending on you, such as a sick parent or a disabled spouse or child.
  10. Your injuries are severe.
  11. Your injuries will require medical help for a long time.
  12. Your medical costs are skyrocketing.
  13. You are unsure about the statute of limitations in your state (how long you have before you can no longer sue).
  14. The accident is the result of a combination of complicated circumstances, and further investigation by experts is necessary.
  15. The other driver has filed suit against you.

There may be other circumstances that make the case more difficult than it should be or than it already is. The moment you feel the case is headed in that direction, or if you feel you are not getting your due, it is time to call an attorney.