Winning Your DWI Case: Why You Should Hire an Attorney

an attorney studying a case

Driving while impaired (DWI) endangers your life and that of other road users. While it is not recommended getting behind the wheel if you have a blood alcohol content (BAC) of above 0.08 percent, impairment begins long before you hit this level.

Significant skills necessary to drive well begin to deteriorate before you get there. However, if you get behind the wheel in a moment of weakness and are arrested, get yourself a DWI attorney in Roseville. Ramsay Law Firm PLLC cites examples of how they can help.

Finding Factors the Case Could Use

For first-time offenders with strong evidence backing up their driving while intoxicated, the case is treated as a misdemeanor. The court is likely to hand you a standard sentence for it. In some cases, though, there might be other factors that could affect the case and thus the penalty.

The occurrence of an accident or having a high blood alcohol concentration are likely to increase your penalty. On the other hand, questionable BAC tests and flaunting the set procedural guidelines during arrest could reduce it.

Your attorney is in a position to recognize these and help you navigate the case until you face trial.

Plea Bargaining

An attorney can help your plea bargain. This is a situation where you plead guilty and get a lesser charge in exchange.

Among things that could create doubts about your arrest and leave room for plea bargaining include questionable results from the sobriety test, a BAC of below 0.08 percent, and procedural issues. Your attorney can help exploit these to get your charges reduced or thrown away.

Getting Caught in Aggravating Circumstances

When the offense is more than a misdemeanor, and circumstances surrounding your actions are likely to turn the driving under influence into a felony, you are better off contacting an attorney. This includes cases where you have caused injury or there was a child with you during the incident.

When you have a case and you are likely to go to trial, it is essential to get legal counsel. Your attorney will help you evaluate it and show you what options you have.