Why Become a Legal Nurse Consultant?

A man with medical condition signing a document

When facing a complicated medical issue for a court trial, it’s highly advisable for lawyers to have someone who has medical knowledge and experience in their team. This expert will be the one to explain the medical issues of the case to the jury and the judge, in a much better and understandable manner than the attorney.

Many practicing attorneys don’t have any first-hand medical experience, so nurse consultants will be their helping hand. This is especially when they deal with personal injury, medical malpractice, whiplash, and other related cases.

Why become a legal nurse consultant?

This profession is in great demand. Why? Becoming a registered nurse legal consultant means having a nursing degree, a basic to in-depth knowledge of the law, and a good skill to analyze, review, and summarize medical records for an attorney.

You can get employment with a plaintiff, defense attorneys, insurance companies, governmental agencies, or private corporations. With experience, you could also make good money and continue working as a part time nurse in the health care field — if time permits.

What do these professionals do?

Legal nurse consultants will give advice to lawyers before, during, and after the appeal or trial on all medical issues. If you do not like to give testimony at the court trial, then you need not. You can give your observation to the lawyers and they will handle the issue at the trial. In some rare cases, the judge might require your live testimony.

An attorney may need your expertise in cases like product liability, environmental and toxic issues, work place injury, worker’s compensation, and family law issues as well.

Are you convinced now? Before anything else, it’s important to enroll in a good school for your legal and nursing training. This will ensure that your qualification is accredited and you find your desired employment as soon as possible.