When Should You Call a Lawyer?

Lawyers reviewing a contract

No soap opera on television would be complete without at least one scene involving the presence of a lawyer or a team of lawyers. That’s just how it is on TV. In real life, you may see lawyers less often.

There are some cases, however, when the wiser thing to do would be to contact Townsville lawyers. Here are some of those instances.

You have been arrested or are about to be

No incident is too small. Whether you’re being charged with criminal behaviour, domestic violence or driving while intoxicated, your first phone call should be to your attorney or someone you trust to find you one.

You have been physically hurt or have caused hurt

Countless incidents may lead to bodily harm. Negligence on the part of your employer that leads to your injury at work; your friend’s child drowns or gets hurt playing in your pool at home; you are involved in a car accident (whether you believe it’s your fault or the other driver’s). Don’t just rely on insurance. You have to know your options and, of course, protect your freedom.

You want to plan your estate

This is not something you can do with a form downloaded from a website. That’s not a sound strategy for making sure your heirs get what you are leaving them. A lawyer charges fees, but that’s a small price to pay for the assurance that you won’t be leaving your loved ones with more problems than solutions.

You want to file for divorce

Divorce may be less complicated if you don’t have children or lots of property or debt. It may also take less time if you and your spouse are not fighting and are willing to settle this peacefully. On the other hand, if you have kids, money and property or significant debt, or if there is abuse in your relationship, call your attorney.

Some matters are simple enough, but some may cost you your freedom, violate your rights, etc. Those are the moments when you need a lawyer in your corner.