Pavement Accident Claims Made Easy

outdoor pavements in shades of grey

Tripping on an uneven pavement usually causes nothing more than a cut knee and some embarrassment, but occasionally serious injury can occur. If this has happened, you may be entitled to a personal injury award.

Pavement falls can cause injuries similar to that of a road traffic accident. Broken bones, hairline fractures and deep facial cuts have occurred due to falling on pavements.

Psychological problems can also develop after falls and injury, leaving the person too afraid to leave the house. This is more common in elderly people, as their bones are thinner and prone to fracture.

Causes of Pavement Accidents

Pavement accidents can occur due to:

  • Uneven paving slabs/ incorrectly laid paving
  • Potholes and broken paving
  • Tree roots
  • Obstacles left in the path of pedestrians such as manhole covers, vehicles or construction debris.

Local councils have a legal duty to ensure that they maintain and repair paving so that it is safe. If a pavement has been left in a state of disrepair and a serious injury occurs, then it is likely the council will have to pay damages. This is available in England and Wales. You can use GOV.UK to find your local council’s website for more information on filing a claim.

Making a Claim

Potholes or misaligned paving stones should measure a minimum of an inch to be considered in a claim. The injury sustained must be ‘reasonably serious’ (for example, a broken arm) and there should be supporting medical evidence from a hospital. If there were any witnesses to the accident, these should also be contacted to provide statements.

For those living in Lincolnshire, local personal injury law firms can help residents claim damages for pavement accidents. They can guide them through the process for the best chance of a successful claim. Paving accidents hurt but compensation can pay for medical care and help claimants get better faster.