Hurt by a Childbirth Mistake? Read on

New born baby

American medical care is very advanced, but every year, around 900 women die due to childbirth complications, and another 65,000 suffer an injury in childbirth mistakes, the worst rate in any developed country in the world.

Childbirth is usually a joyous event, a time of great happiness in which families welcome their newest member to the world. While giving birth in a hospital with a team of medical professionals is supposed to be the safest way to have a child, all too often it isn’t.

In the 14 years from 2000-2014, the maternal mortality rate increased by 27% in 48 states. This could be due to the increased propensity towards surgical delivery (a mode of delivery that has a maternal death rate that is three times higher than vaginal birth) and a greater number of older or obese mothers.

What are Childbirth Mistakes?

  • Anesthetic errors – giving too much or too little. Not monitoring the patient’s condition correctly, during or after an anesthetic. Improperly administered epidural or spinal blocks
  • Surgical errors – Bladder or bowel injuries, incorrect suturing, leaving a surgical tool or swab inside the uterus, severe blood loss or injury to the baby
  • Failure to suggest a caesarian when necessary
  • Failure to administer antibiotics after surgery, resulting in sepsis
  • Failure to administer blood-thinning shots after surgical delivery, resulting in blood clots and pulmonary embolism
  • Shoulder dystocia in the baby, resulting in oxygen deprivation, cerebral palsy or other brain injuries
  • Oxygen deprivation in the baby resulting from induction of labor
  • Wrongful death of mother or baby caused by a doctor deviating from ‘the standard of care’

Childbirth Injury Compensation

Attorneys specializing in personal injury law can file a medical malpractice suit if you, your partner or baby were harmed during childbirth. They will provide legal advice and support to help affected clients gain the compensation they deserve.

Usually, pregnancy ends with a healthy mom and baby, but when things go wrong, personal injury lawyers can bring legal redress so that those responsible are held accountable.