Before It’s Too Late: Putting a Stop to an Abusive Relationship

Aggressive woman

Your husband is a good provider, fun to be around, and is even a hit with your friends and family. But behind closed doors, when he gets angry or frustrated, he takes it out on you. Whether he uses his words or his fists, he is abusive, and his personality when he’s “in a good mood” or around other people cannot make up for the darkness he brings to the relationship.

Signs of an abusive relationship

It is not too hard to determine whether you are in an abusive relationship or not. Often, the problem is admitting your situation. You may end up blaming yourself, and that is one more sign that you’re being abused. If your husband hits, humiliates, deprives, or forces you in any way (such as sexually), you are in an abusive relationship, and it is time to wake up and admit it. It’s not healthy or useful to start blaming yourself.

An abusive spouse will not stop

So he hit you one time, then regretted his behavior and swore it would never happen again. Until it did. No matter the frequency, you have to understand that if your husband abused you, he is very likely to repeat it. Most situations escalate until you begin to lose count of the arguments that led to a slap on your face or words that reduced you to cry.

You have to put a stop to it

It doesn’t matter what material things he gives you; you are in danger until you do something about it. At the very least, you have to tell someone close to you, like a female friend or your parents. It doesn’t do to handle this on your own. Think about talking to a Colorado Springs family law attorney. Better consult a professional regarding your options, especially if you are thinking about leaving your husband, which at this point you should be.

Unless you allow yourself to continue being a victim, an abusive relationship has an end. Don’t let this be your personal hell. Do something about now, before it’s too late