Tricks Used by Insurance Companies to Undermine Your Car Accident Claim

Guy in a car accident

A car accident might be one of the most devastating things you have to deal with. It comes with costly repairs, time off work, substantial medical expenses and sometimes debilitating injuries. Compensation in these difficult times is a huge relief.

Oklahoma City car accident attorney Little Oliver Gallagher PLLC notes that without the right help, you might, get a measly compensation or none at all. Insurance companies use all tricks to deny or reduce your settlement. Here are a few tactics used by insurers to avoid paying.

• Offering You a Quick Settlement

Insurers know you stand to get a higher compensation if you hire an attorney to represent you than if you choose to go through it alone. To discourage you from getting an attorney, most insurers will offer you a quick settlement.

Do not talk to an insurance agent at any time after your accident without an attorney present. Though it might seem like they are offering a considerable settlement, you stand to get more with an attorney to represent you.

• Delaying Your Claim

Insurers know accident victims are in need of cash for car repairs and medical expenses, among other accident-related issues. To frustrate you, they will delay your money and heighten your desperation.

You will hence accept whichever amount they offer when you feel pushed to the wall. The key to speedy settlement is an attorney representation.

• Asking You to Record a Statement

A recorded statement gives an insurance company evidence to use in denying or decreasing your compensation. The company will look for any sign of admission of guilt or apology to use against you. Never record a statement without your attorney’s consent and presence.

In your desperation after an accident, it is easy to fall for these tricks. Your first call after an accident should be to a car accident attorney. They will advise you every step of your claim and ensure you avoid these tricks and get fair compensation.