Lawyers Do More Than Just Bail You Out of Trouble

Troubled couple talking to a lawyer

“I’m not saying another word until my lawyer gets here.”

You may have come across this line when watching your favorite cop show on TV. While such a statement might sound smug, Law Office of Paul R. Bennett noted that having a top lawyer by your side during an interrogation is a great idea. Law enforcement officers are skilled interrogators who can lead you to incriminate yourself.

They can later use such a statement to make a case against you in a court of law. However, did you know lawyers aren’t just about bailing you from trouble, but can also help you avoid potential problems?

Avoid tricky work clauses

It’s common for sneaky employers — who are keen to save a buck or two — to include an exploitative clause in your contract. Given the bleak job market, many people are so grateful to secure a job that they sign away without a second thought. Failing to go through such a contract could leave you swimming with the sharks.

For instance, you might find that you agreed to unfavorable work terms, hours, or even conditions. For the best result, have a lawyer examine an agreement before appending your signature.

Navigate tricky business engagements

With many commercial laws to adhere to, it’s common for a layperson to ignore or contravene. While some of the oversight are unintentional, they could lead you to incur severe legal trouble. Failing to have the correct licenses and insurances could leave you facing hefty penalties and fines.

Consulting a legal expert when setting up a business can help you avoid these pitfalls. Still, having legal counsel is necessary to set new agreements and review contracts and paperwork to ensure you comply with the law. It keeps you safe from legal trouble, which lets you concentrate on growing your enterprise.

Having a lawyer on speed dial bears a considerable number of benefits that many people are unaware of. Other than helping you to fix a problem, a lawyer can help you to avoid potential trouble spots.