3 Pointers for Finding Witnesses to Advance Your Personal Injury Claims

Man with personal injury reading the paperwork with his spouse

When you get involved in an accident or an incident that has caused injuries — both of which are not your fault — it will be much easier for you to advance your personal injury case if you have witnesses.

But finding witnesses may prove to be difficult. This is especially true when you have not considered that immediately right after the incident, knowing that you are busy gauging the damage and your injury.

Finding a witness does not have to be that way. Here are some tips from Feldman & Lee and other reliable personal injury attorneys in Marysville:

Go back to the scene

The most rational thing that you can do is to go back where it all started. Ask around if they have seen the incident, and explain that it was you who was one of the involved. If you find someone who truly saw what happened, you are in luck. But if they did not, you can ask them about the others who possibly saw the event. Before you leave, ask their names and contact number.

Contact them

If the people at the scene have references, contact them as soon as possible and meet with them. In cases, they seem uncooperative, do not force them to help you. It may take time, but do not stray away from your goal since you need them to get to your side.

Ask for their statement

If they agree to cooperate with you, you need to take their statements as soon as possible. You can have your attorney by your side. Record their answers or write them down. If they write it down, ask them to sign it.

These are only some of the things to keep in mind when finding your witnesses. The most important thing? Do not scare them. Otherwise, they will not cooperate with you.