Divorcing Couples: Work Together for the Last Time

Divorce may seem like a fairly simple procedure to undergo, especially with its prevalence, yet divorce can actually take as long as a year if things work badly. To make your divorce as smooth as possible, you have to know what to do and how you and your spouse can work together one last time to make things easier.

Each Divorce Varies

The media portrays divorce usually as a messy and chaotic process that hurts both parties involved in the process, yet reality shows often show that amicable divorces happen as well. In spite of this, divorces differ from case to case. Your situation can end well or not, depending on numerous factors such as finances, assets, children, and even reason for divorce.

Divorce Smoothly

The fastest way to divorce — and as a result, the least expensive — lies in no-fault divorces. No-fault divorces place no particular faults on individuals in marital relationships to serve as reasons for the divorce. Grounds for a no-fault divorce falls within either irreconcilable differences or at least a three-year separation.

When you have been living separately and apart for at least three years, you can proceed with a no-fault divorce. Any reconciliation within that time period, however, can derail your plans. You will have to find another way to divorce.

More Complex Divorce

With this, either of you or both will have to file for a fault-based divorce. In such a divorce, either of you can be accused of adultery, willful desertion, willful neglect, extreme cruelty, incurable insanity, or habitual drunkenness. These faults can all form grounds for the divorce.

File Must-Haves

Kelly & Bramwell, P.C. noted that reliable divorce lawyers can help you along in the proceedings. These include submitting standard files, such as a Department of Health Form, Verified Complaint for Divorce, Summons, and Cover Sheet for Civil Actions. To make things faster, better prepare all of them right away with your lawyer.

Should things go well, and the divorce is uncontested, you and your spouse can move on with your lives with as little trouble as possible. At least for divorce, you can both work together for your own sakes.