What Happens When You Get Served with Divorce Papers?

Settling divorce before a judge

When your spouse serves you divorce papers, it can be difficult—physically, emotionally, and mentally. Amid the thoughts and concerns, one overwhelming question stands out: “What’s next?”

Divorce varies from one case to another; how you handle it also makes a difference. Refusing court orders or summons is not an option. Instead, face it head on with the right people and the right mindset.

Get an Attorney

The right divorce attorney in Denver can help you regain control and understanding of your situation once you get divorce papers. Complaints usually contain multiple documents and court summons. In most cases, it also comes with an explanation about the divorce: is it a fault-based or “no fault” one?

In addition, some summons contain restraining orders, which restrict your decision on finances and issues regarding the kids.

It’s easy to get confused with legal aspects, which is why you need professional help.

When you receive the document, do not answer without knowing your rights. Consult with a divorce lawyer first and start strategizing.

Start Gathering Documents

Once you answer the summons with legal help, it’s time to gather necessary documents. This includes tax returns, bank statements, investments, and other required documentation ordered by the court. It’s important to finish all of these after your spouse serves the papers. Failure to provide sufficient information may affect your case.

Understand What Lies Ahead

The divorce process takes off quickly. But as you go through it, it will slow down. After episodes of motions, court appearances, and conferences, you either proceed with the trial or settle an agreement with the soon-to-be-ex-spouse. It can end in a span of months or years, depending on your circumstances.

For this reason, it’s important to work on long-term and short-term goals. With the help of your attorney, plan your next move and consider amicable solutions for a stress-free divorce.

Getting served divorce papers is difficult. But you have some hand in how the marriage dissolution proceeds. Protect your rights and get legal representation.