Real Estate Attorney: The Qualities of a Good One

a lawyer consulting a client

A real estate attorney can make or break the sale or purchase of a property. Therefore, investing time and effort in finding the right one is recommended. With many real estate attorneys available today, choosing one can be a trial and error method. However, as Miller & Steiert, P.C. noted, this is not something everyone can afford to go through. Knowing what qualities to look for before hiring one can help you narrow down the list and eventually choose the right person for the job.

Experience and expertise

Like other professionals, it’s best to work with someone who’s knowledgeable and experienced in the said field. Always work with a full time lawyer. They can give more attention to your case and thus, give you better results. Also, it would be helpful to know how many cases similar to yours the lawyer has handled.

Extensive local knowledge

It’s important to work with a lawyer who has an extensive local knowledge. Local policies vary from one state to another and it would be to your advantage to work with one who knows the ins and outs of the law in your chosen area.


Work with someone you can trust. A good real estate attorney is someone who is transparent and serves you details in a clear plate without the sugarcoating. This can help you better understand and evaluate the situation, which is crucial when buying or selling a property.

Good communicator

There will be legal terms and jargon, as well as ideas that people like you might find it difficult to understand. A good real estate attorney is one who can explain these things clearly without confusing their client.

Invest your time and effort in evaluating real estate attorneys. They play a huge role in the success of your sale or purchase.