Protecting Your Children from Further Domestic Violence

a little girl covering her face with a teddy bear during her parents

It is a sad and unfortunate truth that domestic violence happens more often than what most people know. Others also think that such instances are just accidental and brought about by intense emotions. No matter the cause, however, they are still a form of abuse and can significantly affect the health, safety, and well-being of those involved. This is especially true when the victims are children.

For this reason, some parents consider divorce as the smartest decision to get themselves – and more importantly, their kids – out of such threatening relationships. With the help of custody lawyers from a domestic litigation firm such as The Burnham Law Firm, P.C., they see to it that their children are safe from further abuse.

Domestic violence and the Colorado laws surrounding it

In Colorado, the court considers many factors when determining the child custody rights of the parents, and domestic violence is one of them. Note though that even when your spouse has committed this form of abuse on you and your child, the court may still grant your spouse parenting time and responsibilities. This is due to the court taking into consideration the other factors relating to the best interest of your child.

Fighting for your child’s best interest

For many, there is nothing scarier than experiencing abuse from one’s very own spouse or parents. In the event that your spouse has a history of committing such acts, it is time that you put a stop to it and seek the help of a custody attorney.

Your attorney will use his or her investigative and negotiation skills in the courts to let them see just how risky it is for your abusive spouse to spend time with your child. This way, even if your spouse still receives parenting time, he or she will have little to no say when it comes to making decisions.

With enough proof, the court will see to it that no further violence against you and your kid will take place.