Nursing Home Abuse Warrants Immediate Action

Senior woman in bed being assisted by a nurse

Of all the types of facilities that offer care services outside of a hospital, nursing homes offer the most comprehensive and extensive. For this reason, many patients and their family choose these facilities, especially in the case of patients requiring on-the-clock supervision, assistance, and medical care.

For the most part, nursing homes have remained a top choice for many Springfield, Illinois residents. Unfortunately, the city, and the state, in general, have seen a rise in abuse cases occurring in some of these places.

Behind closed doors

Nursing home residents are patients in these facilities because they need to have a medical and healthcare professional looking after them and taking care of their needs. In highly reputable and outstanding homes, residents always receive top-notch care.

However, many cases of Springfield, Illinois nursing home abuses still occur every year. From “lost” medications to physical abuse to patient neglect, anyone of these vulnerable individuals can become a victim.

The devastating effects on family members

When family members discover that the injury or even the death of their loved one residing in a nursing home resulted from abuse, the first reaction is almost always anger. This makes complete sense, seeing as they agreed to let a loved one live in the facility knowing that the staff will take care of their needs.

Then comes devastation. This is a natural response to learning the truth about the mistreatment or abuse that has occurred or most likely still taking place in the nursing home.

And there is the fact that these wrongdoings can create major financial and career-related issues for the victim’s children and grandchildren. Regardless of these possibilities though, family comes first, so they would rather lose money or their career, as long as they can take care of their loved one.

Seeking legal assistance right away

Because nursing home injuries and abuse have become rampant, the state now implements the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act. Nursing home residents and their family should seek legal services right away if they discover abuse occurs in the facility.