Forms of Legal Custody for Grandparents

grandparents reading a book with heir grandchildren

Grandparents can become the sole guardians of their grandchildren through various ways. Some start helping out and over time take more tasks until they become the ones raising them. Others are contacted by social services to take care of their grandchildren.

Grandparents have to fill out various forms to gain custody. These forms are named differently across states. Fortunately, you can consult a child custody lawyer to help you attain a legal relationship with your grand kids.

Physical Custody with POA {Power of Attorney}

In cases where your grandchild lives with you and you are accountable for his or her welfare daily, then you have “physical custody.” You should obtain a POA so that you have the legal authority to make medical, educational, and other decisions for the child. A notarized form signed by the child’s parents is submitted to the court to authorize a POA. It remains in force until the child attains legal age or up to a specific date.

Legal and Physical Custody

This type of legal relationship gives you more control over your grandchild. You need to obtain a court order to get legal and physical custody. If the child’s parents want to regain custody, they will have to petition the court for it, but they have visitation rights.

Foster Parenting

If your grandchildren are removed from their parents’ care for whatever reason, you can serve as their foster parent. In this relationship, you only have physical custody. The state maintains legal custody of the children and makes significant decisions regarding their welfare.

Your grandchildren deserve the best upbringing. Without a good attorney, getting the given forms of legal relationships with your grandchildren will be difficult if not altogether impossible. Hence, you should choose your child custody lawyer carefully.